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Nick & Aisha

Hey, friends! We are Nick and Aisha, the creators of Wanderlust My Life. We have devoted a big chunk of our lives to traveling the world. Throughout these travels we have learned so many things about culture, religion, health, wellness, and happiness. We have seen beautiful places, met truly amazing people, and have had our eyes opened to new ways of living. And because of this, we appreciate life in a way we couldn't have even imagined being possible just a few years ago.

Through this experiences, we've learned to make better choices about our food, lifestyle, and overall well being, and hoped to create a blog that showcased all that we've picked up along the way.

We want to share all of it with you, from tips and tricks of the trade, to plant based recipes, to ways to keep your mental health in check. We want this blog to be inspiring, passion-filled and a way to share things that truly matter to us! This will be the space where we share our travels with you through photos.

We are really excited for you to follow us on this journey!


Nick & Aisha

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